Mathematics is an integral part of everyday life. It has branches such as arithmetic, algebra, calculus and geometry, in addition to mechanics and statistics, and at its heart it the study of number, form, space and change. Through studying mathematics a number of important skills are learnt for everyday life.

Mathematics is taught to all pupils in Years 7 to 11. During Key Stage 3, pupils reinforce and extend their skills and knowledge in the fields of Number, Measuring, Geometry, Algebra, Data and Numerical Reasoning.

The hope is to create confidence in all pupils to use mathematics in everyday life, to communicate mathematically, and to face mathematical problems with confidence and without fear.

The Mathematics department at Bro Edern:

•enable learners to see mathematics as an interesting and stimulating subject that can be enjoyed

•motivate and challenge pupils to enable them to achieve their fullest potential

•provide an environment in which the learner is able to develop their confidence in the subject

•provide opportunities for learners to develop an awareness and appreciation of how the mathematical concepts they encounter are relevant and useful in a variety of life situations and in other learning areas

•ensure that lessons engage and stimulate the interest of all pupils and adopt a good balance of whole group interactive teaching, individual work and cooperative learning

Through this website, you'll receive information on the schemes of work for different years, and the teaching staff. Remember, you are welcome to contact the department at any time.








Mr Dyfan Roberts

Leader of Mathematics


"Mathematics is the queen of the sciences and arithmetic is the queen of mathematics”
Carl Friedrich Gauss




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